Spotcloud provider review

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Spotcloud seems very promising that’s why I put $10 to test it a bit.

Here are the results:

SpotCloud Provider Review

Note that more than half of the providers are failing, but if you are lucky enough to get your instance up and IP allocated, you get a lot for what you pay.
Imaging that with the smallest instance you can get a VM for just $0.001 an hour! that translates to less than $1 per month!!!

Cyta Adsl speed sucks (oversubscription ratio… -> ∞)

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Another time it is justed proved that what you pay is what you get

It is proven below that for 33/month you can’t get “business class” internet service

iperf for 24 hours from 100Mbit Dedicated server in europe to my little Ubuntu server hooked on the Cyta adsl line:
cyta downlink adsl speed

You can clearly see that some times during the day the 24 promised Mbps is more or less divided by 100 times ending up to have something better that an ISDN line