Global Information Aggregator

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GIA: A new term I introduced just now.
Examples of GIA’s: Facebook, wikipedia.

-Aggregated information is easier to be filtered
-Aggregated information is easier to be spied on
-Aggregated information can be streamlined
-Aggregated information can be divided into subjects

The information flow, the music, the people, the crowd, the lights, the color, the sound.

“Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003”, Schmidt says.

So user generated crappy content is taking up all free storage capacity at the world’s datacenters. All this information is stored for ever? How much information can there be stored?

It’s all about information

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Recently Facebook sent all it’s users a message regarding it’s new privacy policy. This is to be reviewed and will take effect in a few months.

The document is split in 8 chapters.
The first one is the introduction, the last one is about other terms, and all the others are about INFORMATION

1. Introduction
2. Information We Receive
3. Information You Share With Third Parties
4. How We Use Your Information
5. How We Share Information
6. How You Can View, Change, or Remove Information
7. How We Protect Information
8. Other Terms

As you can see the word “information” can be found in all other six titles.
The information you give to them is valuable, remember that!