Mini-Guide to an undisclosed information society.

Information is considered to be free nowadays.
However, information is also valuable, so how can something valuable be free?

Generally speaking free information, is not so valuable. Sometime it reaches the other end. Some people generate false information in order to gain something from you. This scenario is quite typical nowadays. Individuals and organisations that want to take advantage of you, make and stream this information to the public, or selectes persons, and finally reach their goal. Because it is YOU that will judge if this information is correct, and the system makes you a not so good judge.

Every piece of information broadcasted through the media, is typically considered as valuable and correct information. Well, this is not the case at all. It is exactly the opposite. The information seen and heard there is mostly fake information, covered by facts, so that you can be fooled more easily and gain the excitement to reveal the meaning behind the breaking news.

My personal information is also valuable.
It is not that i gain something by giving it away, or keeping it inside me, but other people can gain from me, if they know everything about me.
It is my own decision to give away all my personal information since i believe, that there is nothing for them to gain from me.
Well, actually they can hurt me, but if somebody wants to hurt someone he can do it either way.

So the question is should we expose ourselfs public or not?
If we do so, can we protect us?

It has become a trend lately, to expose yourself on the internet.
So many social networks, they know so much about you.. Your friends in high school, your colleagues, stories about your birthplace and such.
It is you that send them this information, you are responsible if they use it against you.
Things are not so innocent as they seem.

You might not care for it now, because you don’t care if they make a custom ad for you, and convince you to buy something.
But you might care tomorrow.
In modern societies, you cannot control people by forcing them to obey the rules or by making them do something.
You must cultivate that false sense of freedom so that people will think that they are free to act as they like, and create virtual enemies, so that they fear that they might lose their freedom. Those that overdo it, or do things that they are not suppossed to, become enemies of the system, and threats to global freedom, orelse modern terr0rists.

Creating a global social network with so many goodies, and so much custom content, with all your friends online, is in my opinion the best way to control the masses.
If it is on facebook, it exists…

Since you haven’t yet find a way to protect yourself from temptations, you might want to think again about exposing all your personal stuff to everybody…

Good luck to the brand new, all shiny, promissing and FREE world. Your God may be with you…
(Well, they might also need this luck, because in this world there is not much place for them.)

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  1. antonyhapsas says:

    Nevertheless you are still member of Facebook, isn’t it ? 🙂

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