Kastos island, Alobar and the jitterbug perfume

The following dialogs are part of an sms conversation, about 2 months after having discovered one of the most … indescribable persons I’ve ever met.

>Guess who!!
>>Santa?is that you:-)?
>If santa was a surfer, it would be me! I’m a friend of Tom, only that i can write sms’s without the advent of lsd!!
>>Who is Tom?
>Tom.. Tom Robbins?
>>Are you Alobar?
>Well, i have a grey hair, but im not afraid of death! In this perception of reality, they use to call me with my first name, which i hope you remember!
>>You have grey hair but i suffer from a severe condition called Alzheimer! Isn’t the imaginary perception more intrigue (Niko)..?
>I love dreaming, but im not nikos(bad for me). It seems you had quite entertaining holidays last summer!
>>[[[SMTHNG MISSING HERE, accidentally deleted]]]
>I just supposed it, i know too little to make conclusions! You know me, but i probably didn’t make an impression like the others to remember my name!
>>Hmm..that’s the thing when you meet a lot of people in a few days!Also i’m pretty sure that i remember all the names,i’m just guessing who r you.but,tell me do you like chocolates,ice creams and galaktompureko:)?
>Were they so many?! If it is to tell you that i also love skiing to “guess” my name, i prefer you call me alobar…
>>Me mperdepses me to gkrizo tou malliou sthn arxh..doesn’t your name ends in -akis?Opws 8a legame alombar-akis?

The rest of the story is under development..

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