Gnuradio gr-wxgui on Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10

I’ve spent almost one week of my free time trying to make the latest gnuradio work under Ubuntu 12.04.2LTS
I’m so happy that I finally managed to compile gnuradio with gr-wxgui that I’d like to share with you the way. The only way to get Python wxWidgets to work is to follow this small tutorial:

All other ways failed. As long as I has package python-wxgtk2.6 installed gnuradio could identify that wxgui essentials were there and compile it, but it didn’t work. When I removed this package and only python-wxgtk2.8 was installed, then it could not find wx on python, so it could not make gr-wxgui.
I tried to install manually wxPython and wxWidgets-2.8.12 with no luck.
Until today when I followed this tutorial, made the Ubuntu packages, installed them and now I can import wx on Python, and Gnuradio can find the required stuff for gr-wxgui…

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