a new era

the collective of interconnected computers has switched to the most centralised model ever. It’s like when people left the countryside and gathered to big cities, computers are staying together in big houses they name data-centers and create new communities called clouds. Each cloud either private or public, has it’s own policies and rules. Small corporate and in house server rooms are dying in the name of cost effectiveness and scalability. Data gets imprisoned in the premises of very few big corporations that get advantage of it, to train their all shiny neural network models in a race to develop the smartest Artificial Intelligence.

In the new era of information, it’s not your physical instance that has value, it’s the weightless pieces of data that construct your consciousness. There is no meaning in getting advantage of your physical strength or abilities, it’s your mind that is exploitable. The new target of our global political and economic system is to control the masses by taking advantage of our intellectual vulnerabilities. It’s easier than you think. All the information is there, you just have to process it, or even create new models of society based on the interactions between the entities that consist it.

It’s easier for us to text or chat, but it’s also easier for them to process that information and gain value on it.

You can ran but you can’t hide.
You can encrypt but others won’t.
You can still hope but it’s futile.

Awakening the crowd one might say is the way, but it’s not. People need leaders and cannot see reality from your perspective. In a race to control more, there is an advantage to the one that can process more information.

Please get in touch if you think alike, let’s team up to create a better future for human beings.

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