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The “my life goes public” game

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Human desire to be liked is not what we are going to discuss or question about. We take it for granted.
What I wonder, is why people believe that publishing their best photographs online, and exposing their everyday life make them more attractive?
Why wouldn’t smbdy search for the latest trends in modern culture make a list of the top ten, and start publishing fake content about his life online? That would automatically make him/her one of the people in the circle that share the same cultural views, thus adorable.
Yet another social experiment would be the following:
Study the online past of a person/subject and make an opinion about his/her habits, thing he or she likes. Then try to mimic those, of course altering the content a bit not to be exactly the same. After that it all comes naturally, and he/she wonders how can it be possible that you two haven’t get known to each other for so long.

Of course our friend XKCD has already though of that social hacking and here is the proof:

XKCD facebook use

Another interesting aspect of this whole idea is the following. Subject A is male and wants to mate (human nature). Subject B is female. Subject A tries subconsciously to match B’s behavior and ideas in order to gain points against the other subjects that also assert B. That’s not quite uncommon nowadays where almost everybody publishes his personal views and thing he likes.
The real work had to be done years ago, when there was no like history in social networks (because there were no social networks), and the only way to “know” somebody was to chat with him for endless hours, and do it in a way that you wouldn’t be busted.
However I still enjoy experimenting with social behaviors and I do say it in public!