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It’s too cold to think

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Multi-colored under-sea-level

Sail the web

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Surfing the web

Most people just surf the web, I sail it.
Look how many dangers there are, and how exposed you are.

Spamming birds just hit my wooden deck with their droppings, while rootkits have to climb on to get in, while there is no ladder at the boat (Hard for anybody to get on it though).
Hoaxes, spyware and trojans and adware are just like water spray from the waves that gets in and flows by.
Phisers and and tedious baits are always a threat, but years of sailing experience makes you just ignore them.
Sailing Offshore, in the ocean, you have to have in mind that there are those scary sharks of surveillance, that you can’t get away. If they smell blood they will join your trip. You often have to sacrifice parts of your amusement to stay away from them. If you shout too much being a great sailor, and master of the web, it’s for sure that they will bite you at least. An experienced sailor though doesn’t talk too much. Doesn’t have anyone to talk to most of the times, except for his self.

A sailor can make his own route to the islands of the web, doesn’t have to catch a wave and follow it. Waves always drive you to the shore, but sailing you can go upwind!

Though you seem protected in a sail boat compared to a surf board, you never are.

Take care in your endless journey, Sailor!