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Photo stuff

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Why does it have to be the last few hours of every year that I take care of my photo albums?
What will happen to flickr if everybody keeps uploading their photos, and no new members join?
Why even though managing digital media is 100x more efficient than plain paper, does it take the same and even more time to clear up the digital photo albums?
Are my photos safer in my hard disc than the ones in the old school photo album?
Why do frames have IP’s?
Isn’t 25$/year a great deal for infinite capacity, and global exposure?
What if they steal my laptop? Will I loose all my photos? They wouldn’t take the photo albums if they brake into my house!
What if there were no digital photos? Would I have all these questions?
What if our life becomes too complex too handle it? Will we give up? Will we trust something else to handle it? A machine making decisions for us? Will it take risks? Of what nature? How far will it be able to go?
If you can answer some, or all of the above questions, let me know.
Even better, if some of those express your worries, please join us.

Living in a Dream-World

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What is a Dream?
What is the World?
What is a DreamWorld?

How much can you sleep and dream?
Do you daydream?

There are people that create imaginary worlds in their minds, and they inhabidate them.
Many of these worlds borrow stuff from the real world, but in the end, what is the real world?
How can somebody describe a real world, since reality is a matter of perception?
The main difference is that in the supposed “real” world, people die, and suffer. It crosses my mind that we have discussed this again in this blog, but it all ends up there. So let there be light across the fiber, let electrons flow into copper, and feel free to create your imaginary worlds! Let this be the evolution of human specie, let hundreds of millions of people share the same network socialize and interact!

The male hubris and female humility effect!

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According to this article of newsweek, men tend to overestimate their intelligence and women tend to underestimate theirs!
Going a step further, we can now clearly see why men do have a superior role in our society.
Supposing that this theory is true, which means that most men are subject to this Illusory superiority effect and most women the opposite (all of them are cognitive biases), in the end men manage to succeed further in life, only because they think they are smarter!