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tο kαλyτeρo pοst sτo mπlogκ!

October 30th, 2009 -- Posted in About Takis | 1 Comment »

pρotοfαnhs aνakalyπsη. eνa καiνoyrιo sυsthμa plιktrοloγioy pοy graφeι kaι agγlιka kαi eλlηnιka mazι! kαu eenα gρammα eiνaι dιafοrεtιko, ptε dεn εinαι idιa op;ote dεν yπ;aρxεi per;ipτvsh nα bαreuε;itε. mοnο poυ dεν mπoroymε nα baλoyme tοnoyw gιaτi bγaζeι erςthmaτiko. kαi eαn tο dιοrtηοseιs bγazeι aggλiko!!!!

aytο gιnετaι mεso bι eλ si sτo oympoyntoy!!!

Streaming Video over SSH tunnel

October 26th, 2009 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

Light o—[1/4 CCD camera sensor]—(S-video cable)—[Syntek 1150 USB Capture Adapter]—[Mini ITX board with XP]—(VLC Autorun Streaming on port x.x.x.133:8080)—{LAN}—[Linux that tunnels over SSH x.x.x.133:8080 to some_host_on_the_internet:8080]—{LAN-WLAN-ADSL-…}-{internet}—Client–o

In this way your camera is not accessible from outside your lan, and you do not have to forward any port from your public ip, if you have any!

Note that SSH server needs option:
GatewayPorts yes
to be able to accept connections to forwarded ports from remote hosts AND to be able to forward remote hosts.

Google earthing ebayers

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My new hobby is searching on Google Earth addresses from e-bay sellers!
It’s very funny to see where your parcels come from!!!