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tο kαλyτeρo pοst sτo mπlogκ!

pρotοfαnhs aνakalyπsη. eνa καiνoyrιo sυsthμa plιktrοloγioy pοy graφeι kaι agγlιka kαi eλlηnιka mazι! kαu eenα gρammα eiνaι dιafοrεtιko, ptε dεn εinαι idιa op;ote dεν yπ;aρxεi per;ipτvsh nα bαreuε;itε. mοnο poυ dεν mπoroymε nα baλoyme tοnoyw gιaτi bγaζeι erςthmaτiko. kαi eαn … Continue reading

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Streaming Video over SSH tunnel

Light o—[1/4 CCD camera sensor]—(S-video cable)—[Syntek 1150 USB Capture Adapter]—[Mini ITX board with XP]—(VLC Autorun Streaming on port x.x.x.133:8080)—{LAN}—[Linux that tunnels over SSH x.x.x.133:8080 to some_host_on_the_internet:8080]—{LAN-WLAN-ADSL-…}-{internet}—Client–o In this way your camera is not accessible from outside your lan, and you … Continue reading

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Google earthing ebayers

My new hobby is searching on Google Earth addresses from e-bay sellers! It’s very funny to see where your parcels come from!!!

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