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Facebook: THE social engineering playground!

August 18th, 2009 -- Posted in About Takis | 2 Comments »

I love facebook! Mostly because all other people love it! Day by day they become more and more addicted to it! They publish their very secrets, you could never know before!
They upload their best photos, that you couldn’t imagine they existed!

From the moment you can import human behavior in a mysql database, the possibilities are endless!
This mass personality exposure system has a great potential for sure! You can also use it as a personal (public) diary. Even if it was your purpose to keep a diary, you couldn’t have done it better that facebook.

With Facebook, there is no need to spy on somebody, everything is public! Available to anyone, since it is your “Friend”, or a friends friend!

As for those who are not yet registered, I think it is just a matter of time. Like mobile phones! When they were first launched, everybody was shy to use them and mobile phone users were criticized! You shouldn’t talk while walking, and you shouldn’t speak loud! Also if you had a mobile phone, you were considered to be showing off! Now, 14 years after, even my grandparents have their own numbers and phones and they can’t imagine living without them…

From 30NM over the seas, to thirty tabs on chrome

August 18th, 2009 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

“For humans, this desire to search is not just about fulfilling our physical needs. Panksepp says that humans can get just as excited about abstract rewards as tangible ones. He says that when we get thrilled about the world of ideas, about making intellectual connections, about divining meaning, it is the seeking circuits that are firing. … The dopamine circuits ‘promote states of eagerness and directed purpose,’ Panksepp writes. It’s a state humans love to be in. So good does it feel that we seek out activities, or substances, that keep this system aroused — cocaine and amphetamines, drugs of stimulation, are particularly effective at stirring it.”


Surfing the net and surfing the waves, can have the same effect most of the times. After reading this article I was just unable not to compare those two. Slashdot, made me stay awake again for many hours, almost getting lost in the world wide web.

Still trying to find a balance between mental and physical exploration/activity though.