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Skype is eating up my bandwidth (and cpu cycles)!

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In the name of p2p, the creators of Skype are using YOUR bandwidth to connect other people!

So, I had set up a VPS on a 100Mbit line, and it was running Skype!
I was almost scared when I saw more than bytes of data transfered in just a few days!
When I hit netstat, i waited more than 2 minutes for the connections to be listed!!!
A few minutes later I figured that Skype had opened ports 80, 443, 62xxx and many others accepting connections from users that are behind a firewall or NAT! It was using about 1-2 Mbits, not much, but many many pps ( packets per second ).

I must admit, that it was fun when, in the early days of p2p, I was searching for kazaa nodes through the web page, and then leeching all their content with just a simple http browser. But it is not fun when Skype steals the bandwidth you are paying for!!!

At least they should give us something, let’s say $0.01 for every hour they use our resources!!!
Or go buy some data centers to proxify your 15M users, you, Skype.

It all comes together

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Finally after ages of searching, I came very close to THE answer.
This theory, solves all problems, mathematical, religious, perceptional, physical, mental and such
It is the theory of Quantum Mind
It combines Conciousness, Physics, Quantum mechanics, and many more.
Also it solves the GAP problem we mentioned before.
I’ve found where to believe at last…


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Mind the GAP


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Όλα λοιπόν είναι ανακατεμένα μέσα στο μυαλό μου.
Η αποκορύφωση είναι οτι μπέρδεψα στο όνειρό μου το G με το PPP.
Τώρα πως έγινε αυτό μη με ρωτήσετε… Το περίεργο είναι πως το θυμάμαι!
Δεν το γράφω για να γελάσετε, το γράφω για να το διαβάσω μετά από 30-40 χρόνια και να γελάσω εγώ…