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Google Zeitgeist 2008

January 22nd, 2009 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

Here is the list of Google’s top in queries in 2008 starting with:

What is…

what is love
what is life
what is java
what is sap
what is rss
what is scientology
what is autism
what is lupus
what is 3g
what is art

How to…

how to draw
how to kiss
how to write
how to cook
how to tie
how to hack
how to run
how to cite
how to paint
how to spell

From Google 2008 Zeitgeist

What do you make out of it?
People want to learn how to draw, kiss, cook and write.
They also want to know what is love, life, and Java.

Is it that I don’t want or that I don’t have the courage to comment on these?

From 1200 bps to infinity

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Some days ago that we experimented with my uncle on some new ip cameras, it reminded me the early days of my e-life.

It was when i was going to elementary school, when i first touched a keyboard. It must have been at the age of 6-7. It was then when screens were monochrome, usually green, or amber. Then, the only entertaining thing i could do with a computer, was to fill a screen of 3’s. That’s right, number 3. 3 is my favorite number, like Nikola Tesla. I was wondering, what would happen, if the whole screen fills up with 3’s. And nothing happened…

Later on, we got some modems! It was unconceivable for me that time, how a number, or a character, can pass through the telephone line, and reach the other end. Then we established our first data session, i don’t remember the software used, or the type of the connection. What i remember is that the link layer speed was at 1200 bits per second!
I think one of the modems was 2400 bits capable. After our first peer to peer connection, we discovered some BBS’s and other stuff.

I downloaded my first file years later. It took me about 45 minutes to download a 74 Kbyte file. Of course it was educative stuff, the stuff that internet was made for!

Now I manage many servers that hook to multi megabit per second lines. My grandmother has a 20Mbit Adsl connection, and never uses it. We have plenty of bandwidth, more that we could ever imagine. But we want MORE!

Bandwidth is never enough, like data, like all measurable things that surround us, people want more!
If you manage to escape the box, and think out of it, you will find out that quantity is just a “έκφανση” of human stupidity.

Trying to find the proper word i called 2-3 friends of mine, and a couple of hours just passed away. Back soon.