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It is less than a month now that we are on air, and today there was a peak of 40 simultaneous listeners to the best chill out radio station in the country!

Listen Chill out Radio now

Surprisingly most people than enjoy our relaxing music, are from Russia!

Keep on, listen, enjoy…

Sunday boat fun!

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Ouzo was our navigator!!!

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More to come soon…


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Referring to takis blog:

1. “narkotika patra pou mporo na vro”
filaraki den ti paleyeis kai poly mou fenetai…

2. “pws na rixeis mia kopela otan eisai xontros”
pantws to google den prokeitai na se voi8isei.. mallon 8a prepei na xaseis kana kilo…

3. “χωρίσαμε αλλά τα ξαναβρήκαμε και είμαστε τέλεια”
mporei na ksanaxwrisete alla na min ta ksanabreite….

4. “τους παιρνω ματι καθως γαμιόντουσαν στην παραλια”
ooook, kai meta ti ekanes???

5. “έχω βαρεθει τη σχέση μου”
den eisai o monos/moni…

6. “camping της πουτανας”
mallon gia to tsolis epsaxne…

7. “fotografies apo sxedia pano se nyxia”
ayto pou kolaei tora???

8. “where do they sell takis”
over here, just $10M

9. “ti na kano na ta ftiaxo mazi tou?”
kai pali to google ligo dyskolo na sou apanthsei….

10. “ποιο ειναι το άπειρο στο πληκτρολογιο”
sto myalo sou pio einai???

Τελικά διαπιστώνουμε για ακόμα μια φορά οτι ο κόσμος δε τη παλεύει και πολύ τώρα τελευταία…

fb: You can run but you can’t hide

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One thing i like in the new era of modern socialization, is that even if you want to, sometimes you cannot hide the truth!

ie, you can’t have 2 gf’s (or bf’s) that are both on facebook!
In the old times, when there were no cell phones, you could tell your mother at home to cover you if Christina calls, etc.

Now, when you update your status, you must be aware that all your friends might know it!
When you post on your blog, the same. Having nothing to hide causes you no trouble, because you have nothing to hide!!!
But if there is something to hide, you must be very very carefull, i’d suggest you not to hide it, because the global internet village is so small sometimes.

Such is the variety of expertises, so that there might be only a few experts on a subject, globally!
Now, they can all communicate and talk on their subject, instanly, at no cost…

And so my friends, the modern culture of globalization touches even the older generations that still survive.
Global trends are a common phenomenon, they are much more fanscinating than country ones!

So, you can run forever, but you cannot hide no more…

Free speech, Free Internet

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After having payed about $40 for 24 hour internet access, i decided that i should find better way to be online..

Well, actually it was not the money, but RF can’t satisfy my bandwidth needs any more. So i plugged the laptop into one RJ45 plug i found into the hotel room. In the beginning my room was not authorized, but later on i sniffed some authorized people, and used their macs. It’s not that bad if you think it the other way. It is just that they are sharing something they already have, without knowing it. And they don’t even feel the difference.

Why should we pay for internet access?
Internet is not a service any more, it is a public service..
I think ISP’s have to reconsider their position to the society. They must make money from added on services, not from the internet itself.
They can sell TV, Voice, whatever shit they like. Stop selling Internet.
Or just give 1Mbit free to everybody, and whoever wants more, pays for it.

The 1Mbit project….

Days are long here in Moscow in the Summer…