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I think time has come to promote this new site,

Long time ago it was when the idea crossed my mind.

Now everyone can enjoy Lounge, Ambient, relaxing music, streamed from our servers.

Lay down on your couch, and let the music be your vehicle to unexplored dimensions…

Getting ready for THE Party!

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These are our new Loudspeakers that arrived yesterday from Germany 😉


You are all invited to our yearly Party at Araxovitika Beach, hosted by Jason.

Also we have Laser Shows, Strobo lights, normal lights, projectors, glow sticks any many more to surprise you!

We, the children of the future.

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We are too emotional to convey with the society we grew up.

We find some common things too complex to deal with, other people too obscured with their careers.
Minimal is how we would like our life to be, but everything is against us.

There are too many ads to deal with, much more ways to spend your money that to gain them, so much erroneous information trying to distract us.

Indeed we can change the world, the world is ours, we govern it.
If Revolution is improper way, then will find the right one.

Join us, let your spirit travel through the means of modern communication and find other similar one’s.

The future is ours, internet may be with us.