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So many thoughts, so little time

May 23rd, 2008 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

There are so many things crossing my mind that i’d like to move to the public domain, but so little time to do so.

If only there was a more efficient way to express your thoughts online.
Something like a brain <-> IP interface 😛

Qualia (again)

May 12th, 2008 -- Posted in About Takis | 1 Comment »

My previous post, some hours ago forced me to search a bit on wikipedia..

Once more i ended up reading endless theories about consciousness, Global Workspace Theory, and Qualia…

Finally it is all about Qualia i believe.
Meaning your perception of reality, the way you deal with incoming information.
Some people just ignore it, and subconsciously process it, while others evaluate it consciously, and keep only the valuable part of it.
So, people that do it unconsciously or subconsciously might have a distracted view of their reality.
Since they just accumulate experiences and information without first judging it consciously, when they have later to make a decision using the conscious part, this will be unaware of the other experiences. So either they will decide by other terms, or they will choose what they feel is better. If they follow their inner part, probably the decision will be correct, because they use the accumulated experiences they have. But sometimes, some people don’t trust their selfs as much, and have the idea that it would be better to decide on a logic basis. So people that are not self confident mainly use logic, or common sense to make decisions.

It might be confusing, even to me, but it is quite surprising how you can by simply expressing your thoughts in raw, reach to some points, that you couldn’t even imagine some minutes before, and this was not the case.

Anyhow, it is interesting, to just play with your mind…

Fashion: a way not to be different?

May 12th, 2008 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

Or just a way to let people know how much spare money you have?

For sure it is the easiest way to spend your money, being in fashion…

While i was in Golden Apple Hotel in Moscow, i was watching the Fashion TV Channel. I got many great ideas from the models posing on the lens. A bit hard to express though. I know that i might have forgotten the whole Stream of thoughts by tomorrow, but also i am to tired to even concentrate and re-play the whole scenario into my mind.

Also when there is too much information to be processed, in a short time, you might fall into the trap, and not judge the quality of the information, or the validity of the subject, but just eat it.

That is why tv commercials and some tv shows are so fast. Later on you might process this information on the back of your brain, but then it will be too late to filter it.

How can we go from fashion to human information processing mechanisms, is quite amazing, but the truth is that i am practicing what i have just read on Wikipedia, about the stream of thoughts!

It is also amazing to find out that a process that is considered as ordinary for you, and you include it in the context of common sense, has been studied by scientists and has a name..

The same has happened to me some months ago with synaesthesia!

Also today i though that in a few years i won’t be able to hide from my girlfriends, as they will all be in facebook. (Well, in a few years i guess i won’t have to do it).

Enough for today, i really need to get some rest after 4 Days of hard work in Moscow, and 2 funny days of relaxation in Athens…