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The Harder the Life, the Smarter the People

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You, i’m talking to!
People that have stopped thinking! Because your life is easy as hell. You’ve got all the comforts, warm houses, all gadgets that make life easy..

There has to be a balance, its like when you pour cold water in the hot tea.
It’s the law of nature.
Only those who have really built their life stable will survive.
Those who found them by their ancestors will collapse.
Like Albanians have taken over Greece, Chinese will take over the world…

Internet Addiction

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Have you ever wondered why internet is so addictive?

I thought it yesterday!

First of all, whoever doesn’t have the internet experience, considers it as something like all other things somebody can do.
And of course, it seems quite strange to him, how is it possible for somebody to spend so many hours of his life online.
But, from the same time that somebody enters cyberspace, he gets addicted too. In the beginning even more than he had ever imagined!

So what is that thing?
I believe that man, since the early ages, was an explorer! His thirst for learning new things, conquering new territories, and seeing new stuff, has cost him a lot.
Internet opens the doors, helps people escape their misery, pushes them many levels above everyday life, and helps them communicate directly!
It is like everybody’s mind escapes it’s home reaches the sky, and interconnects with all others…

So, being an explorer by nature, gets you more addicted..
But, in cyberspace, there is space for everybody. Since there is no need for real space, everybody can get his own corner in the cyber universe, even for free.
Homeless people, come on, we have space for you!! You can take your chances in virtual life, it’s no cold there, people can hurt you in physical ways, you can do whatever you like without being afraid to be arrested (yet).

More and more people will get connected..
Invest in cyberspace NOW!

There are no limits, only by our imagination!
Imagination has really no limits, only time limits it..

So, as long as there is time, and people able to think and imagine, virtual worlds will keep expanding to infinity…

SL vs RL [Second Life vs Real Life]

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Quoted from cyberspace:

Attending live music is always great fun, but more so in Second life, as I don’t have to worry about driving, parking, dinner, where’s the bathroom.. etc. I have heard more live music in a month on SL that I have in RL plus, I get to hear musicians from all over, not just local. There is a huge variety now, and getting bigger. I get to listen to stuff that I might not normally seek out and it is very interactive. as most the musicians monitor the chat, and respond over their stream so its usually a lot more intimate than a RL venue.

This guy working for the company that created SL says that he preffers attending live music in Second Life than in Real Life.

In other words, he says that he likes most, staying home, in front of his screen, logging in a virtual world, joining a network of other people doing the same, and in this world he hangs in some kind of virtual places, where other real people play music and stream it over the internet, than going out in a real music event.

This is the future people, admit it.

Seeking for tranquility

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Fighting for Piece of Mind?

Searching for hope?

Trying to reach nature?

You are not alone.
More and more people around the globe are trying to use the level of communication modern technology offers, to reach something.

Even if some might not know what it is that we are searching for, they know the way search for it.

Look below the surface, try to locate the cause not the effect, search for what is behind everything.
Because always there is something behind.
For every action there is a cause, what people do don’t do it randomly. Even if they don’t know it, there is a cause.

Have you ever had the chance to experience a situation where you know (or at least you think you know) why somebody is doing or saying something, but the person acting or speaking doesn’t quite comprehend the reason?

Technology is the medium, not the purpose.

Communication is the King, not content.

Instant Global communication internet offers is something never before experienced by humanity.
People can communicate with other people, everytime, all the time! Instantly and Free!!!

What we have not achieved with mental ways, we did with science
Technology is here, open wide, waits for us to use it.
Use it with respect, respect to other people, respect to nature.

It is up to us, as it always has been, to choose our future.
I hope we follow the right path, but i doubt we’ll do.

as a tiny fragment in cyberspace.

Long time…

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It’s been quite a long since my last post..
Maybe this is because i’ve finally started putting my life in order?

Maybe that there is no time for thinking?
Or because i spent too much time on msn lately?

Well, whatever that might be, i’m sure i’ll get back soon!