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Synesthesia & Qualia

June 14th, 2007 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

Thanks to Wikipedia, i’ve found out lately that i am a Synesthetic person.
[That’s not something bad, nor good. 1/20 people are considered to be Synesthetic, most of them don’t know it]
Probably my mother is responsible for this gift!

I have also discovered the meaning of Qualia

Now that it is scientifically proven that i belong to the 1/20 minority of the population, i have got more courage to enter the realms of other minorities..

I’ll let you know about other aspects of my ordinary human life whenever the matters that keep me distracted this period are over.

We Solve Problems

June 1st, 2007 -- Posted in About Takis | 4 Comments »

Ideas come to my mind, then they go, before i have time to express them.
Here is one i though 2 days ago.

Problem Solving Service:
We can solve your problems, any kind of problems.
Emotional, professional, psychologica, financial.

We are devoted in problem solving.
Since we have solved our major survival problems, we walked one step further.
We try to make other people happy. We will be happy to solve your problems and make you happier.

Most people have problems, even those who don’t want to admit it.
Those people who are considered (by other people) to be in higher classes of society usually have more problems, other than financial.

They have money, this is not a problem, but usually they can’t find a meaning in their lifes, that’s why they spend their money, to get a life. Spending money to get a life, is the wrong way, but it makes things roll…

So, for a small fee, compared to the size of your problem, we can give you solutions.

Try us! If you are not satisfied with the result, we can give you a 50% money back guarantee.
You can pay us via Paypal, e-gold, Western Union, Moneygramm, MoneyBookers, or wire transfer.
We don’t accept cc’s due to recent fraud. [we solved a sexual problem to a russian mafia boss and he payed us with stolen credit card]

However, we can’t guarantee you a succesfull living, after having your problem being solved.
If you like, we can offer you a chance for a better life, provided that you have got the money to fund it.
We will find you a good home, parents if you don’t have, many many friends, and more. All this, nearby the Greek beaches, in a big city, or a smaller one, in an island, or not.

We can also find you the person of your life, a man or a woman. [maybe both in one if you like]
However you must have no interference with your past life and problems.
But, we still can’t guarantee you a problem free life. You will have problems, like which yogurt to buy the one with 0% fat, or the other one with 0.5% ? Or like how many hours can i stay in the Sun without being burned? [especially if you are from northen countries and your skin is white like milk]

Of course we will train you, to be able to deal with local people, that want to survive also. They play a hard game, because Greeks live like that. You will get used to it.
We will learn you to cheat on Super Market and bank queues, to buy illegal cd’s, to drive dangerously, and walk in the streets without being hit by a car or motorbike.
Swimming lessons are also included in the bundle, any any other leisure sport you like.
Your Funds will be LIMITED, and managed by our company.
We will judge how much you will spend, until you learn how much you should spend.

For more details contact us directly, through the “Call Me” button in our page.

My name is Takis

June 1st, 2007 -- Posted in About Takis | 1 Comment »

And i dream that when you type “my name is takis” on Google, this page comes first!

Google is my friend, and will do my favour, maybe in a few weeks or in a few months, maybe i will have to put some money on AdWords, but my page will make it to the top.

And then, when this page will be in top of other Takis home pages, i will be named as SEO expert, and i will charge Greek and foreign companies lot’s of $$$ to do SEO on their sites.
I will leave behing the famous “George”, who pretends beign a professional marketing engineer, and mplamplampla..

However, there is one disadvantage in the whole scenario.

People who read this, might thing im loco.. Or just having a great idea for myself.

For most people, it is enough to say that i do this for living and nothing more.
For few people, i have to admin that, yes i advertise myself. (Having yesterday read a book, that has influensed me a bit)

Enough for the moment..