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Synesthesia & Qualia

Thanks to Wikipedia, i’ve found out lately that i am a Synesthetic person. [That’s not something bad, nor good. 1/20 people are considered to be Synesthetic, most of them don’t know it] Probably my mother is responsible for this gift! … Continue reading

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We Solve Problems

Ideas come to my mind, then they go, before i have time to express them. Here is one i though 2 days ago. Problem Solving Service: We can solve your problems, any kind of problems. Emotional, professional, psychologica, financial. We … Continue reading

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My name is Takis

And i dream that when you type “my name is takis” on Google, this page comes first! Google is my friend, and will do my favour, maybe in a few weeks or in a few months, maybe i will have … Continue reading

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