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Takis Skiing in kitzsteinhorn (Austrian Alps)

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After many many hours of online activites, mind needs some resting, eyes need some more information to see, and body has to do smthng.
So, i decided to go on winter holidays, and do some skiing 🙂

Plan says:
Patras -> Athens -> Zurich -> Munich -> Zell am see/Kaprun (4 days) ->
Munich (5 days) -> Zurich -> Athens -> Patras
<%image(20061227-IMG_015.JPG|320|240|Takis in 3Km above sea level)%>

So, ill post more photos soon!

No more “easy money” ads

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Ads here, ads there…
Make 1000 in one day, make 10000 in a month..
Have you ever clicked any of these ads?

Come on, don’t lie to me, say yes!

I did once, while i was trying to figure out what is happening around me, and how all those people make so much money withount doing nothing for their home.

Well, its not exactly like this!

But, take it this way:
Their job is to convince you that you can make easy money fast (we don’t care how).

If they succeed, and convince you that this thing works, you will also try to convince other people that it works.
As soon as there are people to be convinced, this might work, and of course only the few ones in the top of the pyramid will make lots of money.
Of course, you work to make this money.You spent some time to do all these things, and the more time you spend the more you are supposed to make. So if you have a lot of spare time, instead of watching TV, you can start trying to make money from home 😛

But i guess most of us can spend their time in a more creative way, than trying to fool other people, and make money of them!

You can also start blogging, tell your life story, and if it’s uber-cool you will make lot’s of money from ads in your site! :ppp

And Yes

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I Also have a degree 😉

Yet More to come

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20something is the age you create.
At least you have a little time and need to create..

But it’s also the age that you can’t have many pretty women around you, because you don’t have enough $$ to do so..
Well, but you can have many smart women around you, pretty or not.

Everybody wants something.
Most ppl want Money (At least they think like that)
Other ppl want other ppl (women want many men and men many women) [<- Poor English Language...]
Well, young women want to be pretty.
To do so, they need clothes, expensive clothes, and generally stuff that makes them prettier, which costs.
But most of them don’t have money to buy it.
So we have many mature men, that have lot’s of money, (they were working for their whole life) and need pretty women beside them. [Don’t ask why]
So the rest is obvious.

Gotta work now bye bye..

Today is my Lucky Day

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Hello ppl.

2(x) Years ago, back in the old times, in a little place called Patras, located in western Greece, something very strange happened.

It was a rainy monday afternoon.
~7.14 pm

Winter Holidays (and some thoughts)

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This year, 2006, i am forced to make another holiday trip to central Europe.

I have to go to the same place again, this small village called Zell am see, which is near by the frozen lake in the Austrian Alps.
But this time, i will not go for tourism. I have to do it because i want to remind myself that besides the IT skills, he also Extreme Skiing abilities and many more far beyond of this blog’s scope.

Of course during my short 10 day Holidays in Austria and Germany, i will be in touch with my friends and colleagues, because as you allready know we live in a Speech Free World and geeks in Europe can also talk for Free to other geeks. But, you know nowadays in our cruel world the word Freedom has many meaning. Free is supposed to be a citizen in other side of Atlantic ocean, but is not.

The power of blogging:
These words, this piece of text, will stay online almost forever i suppose.
Words that i say are for now, except if someone records it.
Blogging helps you understand yourself, makes you see yourself from another point of view, the one that other people see!

When somebody searches something on Google, and by luck happens to land on your Blog, this makes you feel very very strange.

It’s like a traveller in CyberSpace meets a notebook, he reads it, and he gets full of opinions, and experiences. The more notebooks he finds, the more Blogs an Internet Surfer reads, the more Wise he gets, if he can judge what can help him and what not.

There are many thoughts!
I can’t say for other people.
I can’t read somebody’s mind (yet).
But in my mind, thoughts are going round and round all day.
Thinking, makes you think more, and finding solutions, makes you find more solutions.
Aplying your thoughts and plans, and making something work, makes you really happy, and gives you the fuel, to think more, and make more. This is called creativity!

So, thinking makes you Creative, and creating things is the power that makes you love life.

On the other hand, if you don’t think, you get bored. And then you get more bored because you have nothing to think, and nothing to do! But how you can have nothing to do? Believe me, there are many people that get bored today… (I hope not right now!)
Meeting new places, new people, new cultures, new ways to think is something i love doing, and i believe is what you should do if you want to “Get a Life”.

So, don’t buy a new car like almost everybody in the place i work does. Get a Life instead!

Have you noticed that i keep using the letter i? Of course because i am talking about myself!
Do you think i love myself? You are right! That’s why i have this domain name!! It’s for me! Just for me!

Have you ever had this strange feeling of owning something? Or it’s something your goverment or religion doesn’t want you to have?
Well, in some way, that is correct. They won’t let you have something because they know you can’t manage it!

Imagine that! Would you ever give a Super Car to a 14 year old kid? No F-way! I bet there would be no car and no kid in 3 hours! (At least here in Greece :P)

It’s like that. Your goverment won’t let you have houses, because banks will get them back because they make you spent more than you get, because….

You goverment will also not let you manage people, because you would be them then.

Your religion (most religions) will also give you some rules to obey, because if you had no rules, you would want it all yours!

But what happens, if you can put your rules to yourself, your way so that you won’t hurt other people, and other people’s feelings, and property?

When does that happen, and when you know it, and what do you do then?

Replies are always welcome 🙂

Μιλήστε Τσάμπα!!!

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Φανταστική Προσφορά αυτή τη φορά από το

Απεριόριστες αστικές και Υπεραστικές κλήσεις, από το σταθερό μας τηλέφωνο, χωρίς VoIP μικρόφωνα ακουστικά καθυστέρηση, χαμένα πακέτα, USB τηλέφωνα και όλα τα σχετικά…

Το δοκίμασα και παίζει άψογα.. Να δούμε για πόσο καιρό ακόμα θα παίζει…

My Birthday WishList!!!

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Σε λίγες ημέρες, όσοι λιγοστοί έχουν τη τύχη να λάβουν την τηλεφωνική πρόσκληση θα μπορέσουν να παρευρεθούν στο “κλειστό” πάρτυ που θα γίνει στον καινούριο χώρο κατοικίας μου.

Σε ένα φιλικό κλίμα, προσφέρουμε φαγητό και ποτό, χαλαρωτική μουσική, θέα και τη δυνατότητα να διευρείνετε τον κύκλο γνωριμιών σας.

Αν παρόλαυτά κάποιος θέλει να μάθει τι δώρο πρέπει να φέρει για να μην είναι αδιάφορο, μπορεί να διαλέξει από την παρακάτω λίστα.

-Ξύλινη κατασκευή από μαγαζί επι της Γούναρη πάνω από το κτίριο του ΟΤΕ (έως 10 ευρώ)
-Διακοσμητικός Πίνακας (με κατα προτίμηση θαλασσινό περιεχόμενο)
-Ξύλινο πηδάλιο (για κρέμασμα στον τοίχο)
-Κάλυμμα 3θέσιου καναπέ (κατα προτίμηση tribal σχέδιο σε σκούρες αποχρώσεις)
-8 Port Ethernet Switch 100Mbps (15-20 Ευρώ)
-Καρέκλα(-ες) (κατα προτίμηση από ξύλο, σε καφέ σκούρο)

Όχι άλλα after shave,πουλόβερ,πουκάμισα,κορνίζες,κεράκια κλπ.

Επίσης αν είστε αναποφάσιστοι, ή δεν προλάβετε, μπορείτε να φέρετε ένα ποτό, ένα κρασί ή μια τεντούρα.
Τούρτα θα έχουμε.

στη διάθεσή σας κάθε στιγμή.