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What makes you a successful man?

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We Live in 2006.
In the early ages, you could be a knight, a King, or whatelse.

Now that we live in a global society, things are a bit more complicated!

In my opinion, where success is metered as Life Quality, and is also a mixture of public relations, healthy and relaxing living, you should do as many as you can of the following things to be a Successful Man.

-Live in Greece (preferebly nearby the Sea)
-Have Fun the Greek way (You know, Clubbing etc)
-Eat Greek/Italian/French Food
-Drink Greek/Italian/French Wines
-Buy Clothes from Bulgaria
-Buy Gadgets from China/Hong-Kong/Taiwan (Ebay)
-Buy Guns/Drugs/etc from Albania
-Ski in French/Austrian/Italian/Swiss Alps (Equipment from BG)
-Wind/Kite-Surf in Greece
-Work for a US or UK Company (IT or medical)
-Drive Japanese/German Cars
-Meet New Swedish Female Tourists every Summer
-Talk on the phone via VoIP
-Be online less than 12 hours/day
-Work less than 10 hours/day
-Sleep more than 6 hours/day

This list was made by thinking in an Ecological (Cost Efficient) way, and keeping in mind that resources in Earth are limited. With a few words, in a non-American way of thinking 🙂

A little analysis follows.
Working for an us or uk company will make you at least 3-5k a month which is more than enough to Live/eat/have fun in Greece, nearby the sea. You will also have the advantage of going to shop in Bulgaria, Turkey and Albania. You also are nearby Italy so that you can go for a Weekend in Rome or Milano, or even Venice.Dubai is also close so that you can go there for a change.Mediterranean food/drinks make you live longer, and better.No more Junk food.Swedish girls are the best ever, even though Greek and Italian are a bit smarter.Sleeping keeps your skin young, and Blogging keeps your mind in good condition.VoIP saves you some cash that you can use to buy a drink while skiing in St. Moritz. X-Surfing also keeps your body in good condition in the Summer, when you have to eat all these beers, and food.
Well enough now, i have to go to work 😛

Ναι Επίτελους, θα πάρω πτυχίο!

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Χθες, 13-11-2006, παρουσίασα την Πτυχιακή μου εργασία με θέμα:
“Ασύρματα Μητροπολιτικά Δύκτια, θεωρία-σχεδιασμός, προβλήματα και πρακτικές εφαρμογές”

Πλέον δεν έχω άλλες υποχρεώσεις με το Τ.Ε.Ι. Λάρισας, συνεπώς περιμένω βεβαίωση πτυχίου.

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