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Why Do YOU Blog?

October 31st, 2006 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

Really, why do you blog? If you do so?

Do you do it for yourself?
Or you want others to read your thoughts?
Or maybe you want to make money out of ads?
Maybe you think that the world feels better with blog online!

I started Blogging because my friends had blogs and i was jealous
From the moment i could do it, why not?
And it was in the early blogging seasons!

So that’s how my Blog was borned…

Later, it became the only way for me to communicate with the outter world, since i was for one year in the Greek Army… I was sending FREE MMS’s from my Mobile Phone, when i was in Limnos Island making sure that invaders from space won’t be able to threaten us…

These days, its more complicated.
Winter has come, and until it snows, so that i can go Skiing im Blogging in the Raining afternoons, watching the forever beautifull Greek sunsets..

Well, im also trying to put my life in order, but that’s another chapter….

And the Beat Goes On…

October 30th, 2006 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

So, nothing important happened the last few days.

The Weather is changing,
Google is still banning innocent publishers for invalid clicks,
I saw a couple of movies,
I’m trying to make an automatic hardware dialer
Some guys from OTE came by today and put me the phone line
but still i can’t have internet, because there are no free pstn adsl ports in the DSLAM i belong… Shit happens.
I must configure a brand new Cisco 7301 Router for 8k PPPoE sessions

And then, this rain again… It keeps me low profile.

Rain , Again

October 21st, 2006 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

Well, here in Greece, we are not used in bad weather.
Sometimes i think , you people that live in Sweden, or Germany, how do you survive?

I mean, its been almost 2 days now that the weather is cloudy, and its raining, an i have already cleaned the house, fixed some old pc’s, and done many other things, even post to my own blog! If it goes like that i will start thinking of making a company..

Come on Stop raining! I can’t go Kitesurfing!! I can’t do anything outside of the House..

Let the Sun shine…

+- Plus Minus

October 18th, 2006 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

+New Home
+New tyres on my Nissan Micra, Michelin Energy 165/65/R13@200Euros
+New Domain Name, Takis.Name
+At last, i will get my Degree!
+Lots of new ideas of how to make something out of buggy voip providers and phone companies

BAD EGYPTIAN pays me with stolen cc’s, im waiting for chargebacks..
-HDD Failure on Dedicated Server in Germany. Complete Data Loss!!!
-Have to sell some Laptops to buy some food and furniture for my new house!
-Have to make my new house, a place to live.
-Have to be a subscriber to the local Telco (OTE) to get broadband access to new home.

+-Winter is here!
-Less Kitesurf
+-New server (Psysical location: Redbus Interhouse datacenter (Meridian Gate) in the Docklands area London)

New Domain! Takis.Name

October 18th, 2006 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

Well, my name is Takis.

So, here is my old Blog, in my new Domain.