Monthly Archives: December 2005

Se 5 meres feygw gia Belgio!!!

At 11/12, just 3 days before my 24 birthday, i fly with Virgin Express. Denstination: Brussels, and then Antwerp. The reason i am visitting Belgium is not only for Javapolis ( ) but for tourism also. Keep in touch!!!

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Einai 8 to proi+se1wra sxolaw…

nai loipon. douleyw se ena netcafe i bardia mou einai 01:00 – 09:00 ayth thn ebdomada. kai se6 meres feygw gia belgio, sto Javapolis. nai kserw oti ayth den einai emfanish gia blog.. alla “kaneis den einai teleios”

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