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Deterministic, boring, unpleasant theories make me sick, distract me from my dream world and blur my visions.

Theories exist and are so many.
I can write for ages, without having something important to say, but i can also write on line, and mean so much.

Have you ever noticed that we always read maps the “proper” way, which is north up!
Have you ever tried to read a map the other way? upside down? or left side right (this is the same actually)

Perception of things, they way we understand what we see and how we translate it.
Meaningless sentences or a bunch of words placed in the wrong order?

I wonder if i used to drew my dreams since my early ages what would i have now? A graphical representation of my dream-life.
I remember some places in my dreams.
There are some standard places, places i go often in my dreams. The scenery is the same, but people change.
I can describe the places. I can remember my dreams sometimes.

I have heard that there is a device, that can project your dreams in the real world!

electromagnetic waves can be translated into visions!
Mind waves can be viewed in a monitor! Imagine that!

All of this without the use of artificial chemicals or other mind blowing stuff!

Space travelers are of the most gifted human beings, they are able to watch the earth from space. We can only watch photos for the moment!

every word i write, is global accessible. Is a gift to the public word-space.
Every creation, every compilation of single letters to make a meaning is a sample of human intelligence.

Human species evolute. I believe we have reached the end of the cliff. It’s time we fly!
and if you thing we are already flying, it’s time to go to space! Expand our visions beyond earth..
This cannot be made with compatible tools.
You cannot go to the moon using a shovel and a hammer. But, you can make other tools that’ll take you to the moon [and back].

Artificial intelligence is able to produce more intelligence if intelligence is something you can count!
So we are able to build something that will be able to build something smarter than us!
And the fear of all people, is that if the thing we built and the things it builds really has intelligence, and really is able to understand that it is smarter than it’s creators, won’t it like to rule? And of course it is proven in history that the smarter of all rules, not the most powerful. Because the smart can get more power, but the powerful cannot get any smarter..

It has also been said that working more than you should is extra money for the capital.
But it is forbidden to write about such things when you are at work.
There is no personal life, no personal nothing.
No personality at all.
Person is not a person.
Is a mixup of all the personalities projected on public media.
It is able to choose, because this is how they want it to be, just to choose not to create!
Being able to choose is step 1, the other step is that you become a choice for others!

Few people manage to be “choosable”, these are not politicians, but sex idols, stars etc.

New Kids, always like to be like him, the great pop star. They have not even the faintest will to be like some important man for mankind!
I like playing with words. I like to create sentences that make you think. To do that you have to be able to play with words.
English words are much simpler to play with. Greek words, are more semantic, and each word has its own meaning, so that it’s more difficult for me to make a sentence with many meanings, or use the same words in a sentence but with different meaning!
And of course it’s that i have to practice my English for the exams…
You know, papers. You always need them… (if you want to be able to play with them)

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