Virtual life economies

After reading some great articles about Second life economy, and virtual economies in general, I concluded that there are only few ways to make lots money in life (real). The old-fashioned, everlasting “Take advantage of other people’s weaknesses.”
Either it is called fear(lack of self-confidence), drugs(lack of happy emotions), or need for socialization (lack of sex) people can make money of it. So if you are self confident, happy, and have sex, I bet they can’t take much out of you. I forgot gambling. This is due to the lack of money(in the idea that it can make you happier).
So basically virtual economies have much in common with the real ones. One big difference. They are UNregulated. Or just regulated by a private firm. So is that good or bad? Judging from the recent crisis in real economy it might be.. neutral.
Because in real world too, economies are managed by a handful of very wealthy people that remain on the background and only care about getting more power regardless of the effects in real world. So is real life like a game? Or the virtual life is like the real one? Actually they don’t have many differences. The most exciting is that in real life things are a bit more uncontrollable and chaotic. But the more people take part in the virtual worlds, and interfere with each other, the possibilities are endless. Many events are hard to predict, and sometimes virtual worlds can be more unbalanced due to the fact that most people care more about their real life and less about the virtual ones. Basically this happens because if they can’t have a real life, they can’t have a virtual too!
I believe that we are not very far from the moment that our conscious will become a virtual entity. Imagine that! This will solve the greatest problem of humanity. Death! In this case, where our “souls” could be digitized, and transfered in a virtual world, after our physical body ceases to exist, we will become in-world entities. This could be sometimes boring though. While composing this text you read I’m trying to explore the possible aspects of such a situation. The truth is that when I started writing this text, I hadn’t thought of this. What would happen if you wanted to die? Could you suicide? In what terms? Will somebody in the real world have to terminate you? What if they back you up, and restore you again later? Wouldn’t it be like traveling in the future? What if there is a physical disaster, and there is no virtual future?
Have I gone too far?
OK let’s stop now.

April 16 2009 05:39 am | About Takis

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