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ADS-B SDR and Dump1090 performance

Quite some time ago I’ve been testing ADS-B Mode S reception with a RTL-SDR dongle and various embedded devices using SoC. The results were very good, and therefore I dediced to make an outdoor enclosure to be as closer to … Continue reading

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Asterisk GSM 3G voice gateway (FCT) using Raspberry pi and huwaei modem for under $100!

A success story today! After playing for about one month with chan_dongle and Huawei dongles I’ve managed to compile and run it to raspberry! It makes a brilliant lightweight portable open source PBX with a GSM module consuming under 5W!!! … Continue reading

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GNUradio on Raspberry Pi

After about 2 days of messing with Debian on the Raspbery Pi I got an out of memory error during the compilation of UHD. Seems like I have to cross compile. AGAIN… [ 58%] Building CXX object lib/CMakeFiles/uhd.dir/usrp/usrp1/soft_time_ctrl.cpp.o [ 59%] … Continue reading

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