Creativity: an urban myth

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Most of us, have always been wondering how an original idea can come up! Most people think that they have a unique thought, cause it’s their though, but in the end it seems like somebody else has had they very same idea before you! Of course you can cross-check that with the help of modern technology nowadays. But really, how do original ideas come to existence?
Well I read today that “Curiosity is the key to all wisdom” and this phrase intrigued me to compose this very text.
Indeed I believe that curiosity is the mother of wisdom. How can you possibly think if you’r not curious? How can you tell how things work if you don’t care? Well it seems that you cannot. But you should also be careful not to cross the line. On the other side you will only need to know how things work just to know, and this doesn’t have a meaning in our real life but just in our imaginary world!
-Self awareness
If you have an idea, how can you be sure that it is an original? How the hell can you tell if it’s your idea, or your brain just copied another’s idea and placed your label on it? Or it might be a mix up of all the tons of information you get each single minute, right? But in the end that’s they way it works, you stuff all the information in your head, you blend with some alcohol and there it is, the brand new shiny original idea!!!
Well, in my life I try to be fair as much as I can. But since my early childhood I knew I was different! I wouldn’t tell anyone though! I was so annoyed by the people that tried to be somebody, that I was trying to be as ordinary it could take. In the end, many years later, I succeeded in convincing myself that I was different! But, guess what! Everybody is different!!! Either way, after discovering about synaesthesia I knew I could blame my genes for being different (and creative!).
-Early childhood
How many times have you heard that a child’s first years are the most important? Being the most exciting years of my life, I can assure you they are! Millions of random pictures stored into your mind are spontaneously spouting in the form of hazy images, trying to find their way to the conscious side of reality. Each one of them braided with feelings, beautiful colors and sounds! The sounds of life, you can’t hear them but you can feel them! The blend of those is what makes you feel creative!
-Sleep when you’r awake, live your dreams as if they were reality!
The best ideas arise when you’r asleep. That’s quite common knowledge. Try to find the explanation!
-Don’t fall in love!
For some yet unknown reason all creative mind activities are hibernated when in love! It seems that most of the basic human needs are fulfilled and people no longer wander to accomplish perfection. It is healthy though to fall in love once in a while to keep a balance.
-Think Liquid
Although it’s a TM of bea, I kinda like it. It gives the exact idea of thinking. Liquid. Liquids are hard to be trapped, hard to be captured. They just find their way out of everything! Of course thinking out of the box is one step towards creativity, but Liquid thinking is two steps ahead! There are no boundaries in thought and imagination! You can create endless imaginary worlds that can reach infinity!

My time is running out, and as usual I will have to leave this post unfinished!
(urban creativity, farmer’s creativity, modern creativity and many more to be analyzed in the future)


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Σήμερα το πρωι συμπέρανα το λόγο που το σπίτι μου δεν πρόκειται ποτέ να μείνει τακτοποιημένο.
Είναι ο ίδιος λόγος κάποιος κοιτάει κάτω αντί επάνω όταν περπατάει,
παρατηρεί τα αστέρια ή τα σύννεφα και προσπαθεί να φτιάξει σχήματα,
τον ενθουσιάζει ο κόσμος των υπολογιστών,
βλέπει τυχαία σχέδια οταν κλείνει τα μάτια του,
του αρέσει να χαζεύει τα κύματα στη θάλασσα.

Μπορώ να σκεφτώ πολλά άλλα, αλλά δεν έχει νοήμα πιστεύω καταλάβατε ήδη σε τι αναφέρομαι.