Blue Monday

It was yet another Blue Monday.
Everything looked normal.. Well, some minor details make the last months of my life more interesting, not always in a positive way.
So in the process of normality, we have decided to create a group for the carnival.
Moreover, we have to meet frequently, to solve some problems, and to decide some things.
But it was then when it hit me. I became sick. It had almost forgotten how it is.
You feel exhausted, without having done anything, your think your head is going to explode,
and you feel cold, even though you are sitting next to the heater.
And then it was the earthquake. Earthquakes happen here in Greece, from time to time.
This one was a large one! Earthquakes raise your adrenaline, scare you, and make you feel tiny on front of nature’s power.
That’s why i like earthquakes, you just can’t do anything, just sit there and watch things fall around you.
Most people hate earthquakes, they hate fear, they can’t just sit and watch their fate.
There was some action 🙂 but, i was on an hydraulic elevator when it happened, and it didn’t reach my senses..
After that, i was convinced that i should go home, and that it was a bad day for me.

But that was just the beginning.
I got into my Nissan Micra K10 1200 cc, fastened my seatbelt, and my journey began.
My place is 17 minutes by car from the center of the town, if you drive conservative, you can also do it 7 minutes, if it is 6
in the morning, and you are alone on the road.
I decided to take the way by the sea. I love the sea, and i always enjoy driving near by it.
It was then when i needed an adrenaline push, and i decided to drive dangerously. Not fast, dangerously.
Driving to the limits, is one of the things you can do whenever you like, here in Greece.
There are no cops on the streets, and you don’t have to try much, because the streets are already dangerous.
What i had not in mind, was that it had just poured some rain…
So, it was already late when i decided to slow down and turn right in a 90 degree turn. The car went straight when i hit the brake.
In order to drive to the limits, you must know the limits. Of yourself, and your car. I always play with my car, and myself, so as to
learn where the limits are. Going beyond the limits, is a bad thing, cause you might hurt yourself, and your car.
When i turned right, the car followed my intentions, and did so. It is hard to describe the motions, and emotions of those moments in words.
That’s why i decided to put a camera on my car. Many cameras 🙂
Almost 12 years of driving experience, and the reflects of a < 30 young boy, helped me out of this situation.
If i believed in god, i’d say that god saved me, but i don’t. I saved my self. I challenge my fate daily and i stand lucky. For how long? We’ll see.
After turning right, i steered left, and then right, and then left again. I then floored it.
It was like when i was a child, and had fallen with my bicycle. I looked around me to make sure that nobody had witnessed the event, and then
i sat on my bike, like nothing had happened. It is the Greek aspect of, if you’ve done a bullshit, and nobody saw it, it’s not a bullshit 😛

After that, i got home, opened my laptop, checked my gmail, and tried to sleep.
It was 20 minutes later when i was talking on the phone, and yet another earthquake came 🙂
Then i wondered, what is the speed of the earth wave? There was a 0.8 sec lag between the time that the person i was talking to felt the earthquake,
and the time i did. That needs some calculations, which i am unable to do at the moment.

Now it is a gloomy Tuesday.
I didn’t go to work, because i didn’t sleep all night. I was cold and hot at the same time. I had fever.
Strange thoughts come to your mind when you are ill. Physical weakness endorses mental weakness. I felt like everything was going wrong in my life.
Well actually it is going, but when i am in normal state i try to fix things.. Yesterday night i was trying to rescue myself in a sea full of shit.

February 07 2008 03:11 am | About Takis

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