Black Monday

After last Monday, which was Blue, came this one which was BLACK.
I hope the next one won’t be RED.

I woke up in the morning, full of joy, and ready to go to work, when i discovered that the Server had crashed and all my sites were down 🙁
no DNS, no nothing…
<%image(20080226-ping.jpg|499|158|Pinging with no success)%>
Hmm, it was better not knowing what had happened…

Later on, when i was about to leave, and i had already opened the front door of my beautiful house, it suddenly crossed my mind that i had some clothes on the other balcony that i had to pick up.
So, i rush to the other side of my beautiful house, and i try to take my clothes inside, because i was already late for work.
Then.. BOOOM. The back door closes suddenly.
It was the morning breeze that stalled me a bit. I then realized that i had been locked outside my own house, in the balcony, having the front door open. How about that?
<%image(20080226-IMG_4914_porta_spiti.JPG|467|480|The balcony door)%>
Beign a smart person, and having watched a lot of McGyver on my early ages, after about 4 minutes, i bas inside the house.
At first i thought jumping, but it was too high, and i am too old for that.
Then i thought breaking the window. That was a possible solution, but i knew i could do better than that.
It was then when i realized that somebody can enter my house without permission, and without making any noise.
I used the plastic thing that we hang clothes with it, don’t know the english word, “μανταλάκι” is the Greek one.
I put that between the glass and the wooden frame, to remove the frame. But there were four of them, and not so easy to remove.
I finally managed to remove them all, without breaking anything, and put them back again.
Now, not only i can handle more easily a similar situtation, but i have discovered one of the biggest backdoors of my house.
Of course i have taken all possible precautionary measures to avoid the possibility of an attack by a malicius person reading this text.
So, my house’s architecture is public, but nobody can enter. That is similar to open source software 😛
If only i could find mechanics from all over the world to fix it a bit..
Why isn’t civil engineering open source? :p

Later on, while driving to work, something else bad happened.
Turning right, on the parking, i hit something.
It was a wall.
I had miscalculated the inner distance between my car and the corner wall.
So we had the following situation:
<%image(20080226-xMG_4881_tyre.JPG|480|443|You can see the marks on my michelin tyres)%>
But i found out that i am not the only person in the world that has made the same miscalculation
You can see the corner here:
<%image(20080226-xMG_4882_corner_wall.JPG|480|438|Corner Wall in a corporate building)%>
Many people have fallen into this trap!
The concrete part of the corner is exceeding the virtual corner that a driver can see judjing from these metallic things..

After that i really needed some sleep inside my sailing boat 🙂

<%image(20080226-xMG_4888_view_from_port.JPG|480|320|Nice view of patras marina)%>
<%image(20080226-xMG_4900_sf.JPG|480|320|Superfast ferries.. Going to Italy)%><%image(20080226-IMG_4906_sunset.JPG|480|320|Great sunset on patraikos bay)%>

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