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I Have A Dream

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A self-constructed reality, a mirror image of our daily thoughts, The playground of our imagination.

When was the last time you’ve dreamed?

Was it a good or a bad dream?

I always loved dreaming, i always wanted to keep on dreaming when i suddenly woke up in the middle of a dream.
I used to imagine happy things in order to sleep when i couldn’t
Do you count ships when you can’t sleep?

I was sitting next to my Dream Girl, who was driving my Dream Car.
Judging dreams, years later, when [if] you have the ability to understand things out of your dreams is kinda funny proccess.

Years later, i remember my childhood dreams. I was more or less like i am now, but more innocent.

These are the things that every person sets as goals for his life. Childhood Dreams.
Wonder for yourself.

If you dreamed beign a fireman, or a pilot, you will always want to be a pilot or a fireman. Even if you never managed to, it will be there, deep down in your mind. You will think of it the last moments of your life, just before you die.

Having not make reality you Dreams is a bad thing. A very bad thing for your psycological health.
You could even decieve yourself, by doing something close to your dreams, to be psyco-healthy.

I Live my Dreams, I make them reality every day.
I Dream my future, follow (almost) all the possible paths of my future life, and then decide which is the best to take.

So everyone is happy!
Me, because i live in a DreamWorld,
myself because his Dreams come true,
and everybody around me, because beign happy, makes them happy too!

If you are not happy, or you don’t feel happy, try to fool yourself, and see things from their happy aspect.
Think that you are happy, it works!
(and it isn’t the same as, “think that you are hot” when you are freezing to death)

Happy advices from a Dream-Living person

New dimension in photography

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Motorola RAZR V3xx

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Yes, after all these Years, i have made a major step.

I got a new cellphone.
<%image(20070524-phone.jpg|294|365|RAZR V3xx)%>

I chose it because as an original network guy, the major characteristic a care about my mobile phone is it’s data newtork abilities.

This is an HSDPA 3.6 Mbps capable Mobile Phone.

Until recently i could hardly imagine that i would be able to have 3.6 Mbits in my cellphone..

More are yet to come.

Thanks to our friendly GSM Network, TIM, we can have Fast Mobile Internet Everywhere, in every beach.
Every stone you lift, you will find a bit under it!

well, my new phone has also many other features i haven’t yet explored, but im sure it’ll give me a greater experience than my old T68i, which i got used from my x-gf…