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How to: Create a Free Internet HotSpot at the Camping!

July 7th, 2006 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

Needed Hardware:
2 Laptops (preferably one Sony Vaio PCG-C1)
2 802.11 PCMCIA Network Cards
1 802.11b Antenna
1 GSM (GPRS or 3G) Mobile Phone

Needed Software:
NAT enabled OS to act as gateway

Needed Services:
1 Dedicated Server (or VPS) [needed To do the SSL tunneling over the WAP proxy]
1 Pre-paid SIM-Card with subscription to TIM PLUS service offering unlimited usage of WAP services for 3,6 Euros/mo

One laptop stays into the tent for physical security reasons, acts as the gateway, and connects via GPRS or 3G to our provider.
If we have Linux we set it to act as an access point so that our near-by tent can connect to the internet too.

We take our handy laptop on the beach, or in the fishing boat, and we enjoy our Free Internet Tent Made Hot Spot!

<%image(20060707-DSCN0008-new.jpg|240|320|My Tent-Made Public Access Hot Spot)%>

To Fun or not to Fun

July 7th, 2006 -- Posted in About Takis | No Comments »

After many hours of SEOing multiple sites,
Managing multiple Servers,
Trying to optimise Lighttpd and php with Fast-CGI support,
VoIP protocol debugging,
and Ethernet DSLAM Testing,

i believe that brain needs some time-out.

Like an inventive and anxious being i wanted to crash test my new toy.

It was a bargain! I couldn’t resist! I wanted it so bad… so i bought it with 50% discount!

I own a zip-zap!
<%image(20060707-DSCN0033_renamed.jpg|320|240|My zip-zap!!!)%>

I also run a zip-zap racing circuit!!!<%image(20060707-DSCN0008.jpg|320|240|Zip-Zap pist)%>